Took my daughter to the ER and everyone was very polite and thorough.
Dr. Regis did an excellent job. Thank you

Renee Norwood

I was traveling from San Antonio to New Orleans and had a severe sharp pain in my abdomen, not being one to ever go to a hospital I was convinced when the pain became acute and constant. When I walked in the emergency room the lady taking admissions had just then opened her dinner. I was hesitant to even bother her but she gestured me over moved her dinner and very quickly took my information and had me in the back to be examined. The staff in back were all very quick polite understanding and professional. I was diagnosed and treated within forty minutes, this included X-ray and sonogram. The doctor came and let me know my gal bladder was upset and how to manage it. I was out the door in just over an hour. I was very hesitant to pull off the freeway in a place I'd never been and walk into a hospital to be treated. This was the best experience I've ever had hands down in any hospital, the people here made all the difference. Thank you guys very much!!!

Edward Senter

I have had a few occasions to use this ER. The last time, I dropped Dad at the door and by the time I parked the truck and got back in. The Dr had seen Dad and they were starting his IV. The staff is always extremely polite, prompt and professional. So if you need care, don't let these bad reviews influence your decision. JALH is always great


Emergency room is hit or miss but OB department and pharmacy are awesome. Absolutely no complaints.

Skylar Davis

I traveled from out of town to stay 3 days with relative being treated at Jennings Hospital. The entire 3rd floor staff was Absolutely Outstanding. Very compassionate and attentive towards both patient and myself. Staff really made our stay as comfortable as possible. Thank You for your kindness.

Tricia E. Miller

Recent outpatient radiology services were excellent. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable

Ruth Carnes

Despite the bad reviews from these other folks, I haven't had a single issue going to this Hospital. I've been for 2 different X-Rays and MRI's, a CT scan, Medical Records pick up, e.t.c. and havent seen the issues that these other people have written about. The Staff was always personable and the facility was very clean.
Having been displaced and moved to Jennings after the August 2016 Floods back home in Baton Rouge, JALH is the hospital I will use until they cause me to lose confidence in them and from my experience so far, that doesn't seem likely anytime soon.
Good Job JALH!!

-Joe D. / Director - Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters